Agiofarago beach

Agiofarago Beach

Spend a day with us and enjoy a boat trip to the famous Agiofarago. Agiofarago is an idyllic destination with unspoiled Beach. After about two hours we reach the romantic beach in a natural arch formed by the sea, where you can enjoy the sea and the sun at the beach, swim, snorkel or dive in the clear water of the Mediterranean sea. In the meantime, you can sightseeing the endangered species of Kri Kri, the Cretan wild goat. The Trip includes also a BBQ  on the Beach.

The beach at the exit of the gorge is spectacular, with fine pebbles and crystal clear waters, which are usually very calm, making the scenery seem like those you can find on a postcart. It is a beautiful bay with limestone similar with these you can find at Matala, with golden sands and clear crystal waters.

To get there, you either have to cross the gorge or take our boat from Kokkinos Pirgos. We absolutely recommend the boat, as you can enjoy the breathtaking view on a private way. On the way you will see large caves in which hermits of St. Anthony used to live in isolation, with a well outside. (Agiofarago means Holy Gorge in Greek).  Agiofarago beach is a natural monument that will reward your visit.

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