Prasonisi beach

Prasonisi is a rocky area between the settlements of Agios Georgios (near Agia Galini) and Agios Pavlos, hosting several small stony beaches. There is a road running along the coast having great views to the two islets Paximadia; driving west from Agios Georgios, we soon meet the small beaches of Armenopetra (i.e. sailing rock) named after a lonely boulder in the sea. These beaches are ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Prasonisi beach share the name with the small islet just 80m from the shore, Prasonisi in Greek means "leek Island". Because of it's seclusion the beach is kept clean and almost private for it's visitors. You can visit Prasonisi by boat also there are daily cruises from Kokkinos Pirgos that reach the beach for a few hours.