Preveli beach

One of the most fascinating places in Crete is the stunning Preveli beach, a unique destination in the south of the island. The splendid beach has a little river running into the sea from the mountains, surrounded by palm trees and offering an incredible experience while visiting Crete. Also known as Palm Beach, this is one of those places that captures the heart and imagination of every traveler. Here are the most important things to know about Preveli beach in Crete.

Where is Preveli Beach

Preveli Beach is located on the south coast of Crete Island, a little over 100 km from the capital of Heraklion and the main airport of the island. It is closer to the city of Chania and its airport, yet still one hour away by car. The distance to the town of Plakias is 10 km, while the city of Rethymnon is 43 km away. The beach and the lagoon are not the only spectacular sights in the area, as the famous and beautiful Monastery of Preveli is located close to the main parking area, the stunning Preveli Gorge can be found further up the river and there are many other interesting places to see nearby. Travellers landing at the airport in Heraklion can reach Preveli beach by renting a car and driving to the south of the island.Preveli beach.

Best Things to Do in Preveli Beach

Give its relative remote location, visiting the beach of Preveli can be an adventure on itself and offer an inciting experience. There are plenty of amazing sights close to the beach and others a short drive away. Visiting the beach with the family is extremely safe, although during the high season it becomes quite crowded. The fine sand and clear blue waters are perfect for swimming and even snorkeling, while the charming palm trees give shade in hot summer days. There are not sunbeds and umbrellas on this small beach because it is located inside a natural protected area, yet the cold river that forms a lagoon and the charming palm trees make for an unforgettable experience. For the perfect day visiting Preveli Beach, travelers can spend a few hours enjoying the sun and the sea, then admire continue to visit the other attractions in the vicinity, including the famous Preveli Monastery, the spectacular gorge of Kourtaliotiko or the smaller Preveli Gorge, the beautiful Venetian Gorge and many others.