The Paximadia Islands

The Paximadia Islands

Spend a day with us and enjoy a boat trip to one of the uninhabited islands of Paximadia. After about one and a half hours we reach the islands and anchor in a sheltered bay, where you can relax at the beach, swim, snorkel or dive in the clear water of the Mediterranean sea. The Trip includes also a BBQ on the Beach.

Paximadia are two small uninhabited islands in the gulf of  Mesara  located approximately 12 km (7 mi) south of Agia Galini in Rethymno regional unit. They are in the Libyan Sea next to the southern coast of Crete. Due to their close proximity to one another, the two islands appear as one from a distance.

The mention of rusk can be found in ancient writing, carrying the name ‘paximadi’, from Paxamos, a gastronomic writer of the Roman era. Rusk was perceived to be the bread of the poor, having the ability to be maintained for a long time, due to the lack of moisture the excessive roasting at low temperatures granted.

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