Night and Limited Visibility

SSI SPECIALTY COURSE: Night dive and limited visibility

While diving at night you can discover a different side of this world and you can experience it from a completely different view. Night diving also teaches you the skills required to dive in limited visibility conditions and stay in control.

It is an unbelievable feeling to discover the mysteries held underwater when the sun goes down. With the right equipment and a powerfull torch there is a lot to discover, The colourful nocturnal creatures glowing under a dive light create a spectacular, surreal combination. Night diving is a whole new way to experience the underwater world.

Necessary for a diver, a specialty that will entertain and amaze even the most demanding diver! No one needs a special effort to understand why this is so a special expertise but thus requiring a special training.

What will you learn?

  • Night vs limited visibility: What makes turbid water, Limited visibility at night vs day, Underwater activities.
  • Special equipment: underwater lights, surface lights, Lines, Compass, Gloves, Knife
  • Preparing to dive: Making a night dive plan, Topside personel, Preparing equipment, Getting yourself ready (physical fitness), Scuba skills, Monitoring the dive.
  • The Dive: Setting up surface lights, Entering the water, Descenting, Ascending, Exiting the water, Finishing the dive.

Advanced Techniques: Buoyancy control, Navigation, Lost buddy procedure, Light failure procedure, Relocating the boat or the shore

Duration is 2 – 3 days

Prerequisites: medical questionnaire, open water diver certification