Diver Stress & Rescue

Can you recognize diver stress? Do you know how to manage an emergency?

The rescue Diver Core Courses are designed to develop proficiency in self and “buddy” rescue. This course firstly focuses on prevention of emergency situation by being able to property recognize stress. You will be taught about the causes of stress and also how to avoid and manage it for yourself and in other divers.

You will learn:

  • How to review in water self rescue techniques and emergency out of air or low on air drills.
  • How to remove a divers equipment, how to assist a buddy who is trapped or entangled.
  • Learn practice techniques to assist a diver who is panicking either on the surface or underwater
  • How to assist from either the shore from rather the shore or a boat.
  • The best techniques for providing a rescue – breath for a non - breathing and unconscious diver.
  • The best methods for toweling a diver in different conditions and how different conditions environmental factors can complicate a rescue scenario.
  • Learn techniques to help preserve your own safety in an emergency situation.
  • A proper accident management process including that of a missing diver and unconscious diver.
  • To recognize common diving related illnesses and understand the associated first aid procedures.

Price: 320,- Euro

Prerequisites: medical statement, Advanced Open Water Diver certification, 10 logged Dives, forst aid oxygen provider certification and minimum 18 years of age.