Underwater Photography

Hearing this speciality alone, thrill and interest climaxes! It is true that with a camera in hand, the diving takes a whole new meaning.

Today diving and photography with a digital camera system have become very easy. From happy digital snapper to serious 35mm photographer with flash light tentacles and battery packs, The Dive Shed’s Underwater Photographer course caters for you.

Skilled Dive Shed SSI instructors will help you learn and practice a variety of techniques, such as the principles of taking good photographs, managing buoyancy control, camera care and maintance, selecting subject matter and composition and more.

Than you can share your underwater adventures with fellow divers, family and friends.

The underwater Photography course contains:

  • Your entry to the underwater Photography
  • Your Digital Camera System
  • Using your Camera System
  • Taking digital pictures Underwater
  • Composition of your underwater pictures

Duration 1 – 2 days

Price: 195 Euro

Prerequisites: Medical Questioner, Open Water Diver certification