Kali Limenes

Kali Limenes is placed 75km southwest of the city of Heraklion and  remains the largest seaside village in Asterousia Mountains that owns many beautiful beaches all along. On the way to Kali Limenes, you can see the large oil tanks of SEKA placed on the opposite island called Mikronisi, which is also called Apostle Paul. This Place became famous because Vardinoyannis family began their business at this place in 1961constructing reservoirs that refuel ships travelling on the Mediteranean and the Suez Canal. Vardinogiannis’ facilities are harmful for visual pollution, but instead the waters are super clean.

Kali Limenes own many beautiful beaches, with calm waters in summertime available for bathers. Its name is translated as Good Ports and that’s why the beaches are really crowded by thousands of people, even though the tiring way through Asterousia.