Lentas is faraway seaside village, 74km south of Heraklion. It could be considered as a touristic resort, providing relaxing holidays. On the way you will meet breathtaking views from the vertical rocks. On Lentas you will find several beaches nudism friendly. The first beach that you will meet is the most crowded and used to be the old port of Lentas. This coastline is the busiest place from the beach, quite organized with umbrellas, showers, sunbeds and water sports. On the beach you can find several taverns. The beach is famous because of the rare seaturtle Carretta – Carretta that lays her eggs during the summertime.

The town of Lendas is built on the ancient city site of  Levina. Levina due to the myth comes from the Phoenician “Lavi” that means Lion. Also, on the west side of the village there is a headland that looks like a lion's head from a distance. As claimed by the legend, this lion belongs to these that pulled the chariot of the Greek goddess Rhea, the mother of the god Zeus, which was petrified  into a stone. Another version, about the origin of the name supports that “levina”, means white and is given because of the whitish color the rocks have. Lendas became its name from the word “Leondas” translated as lion in Greek. At the same place there is also a cape, also called Lion, and remains protected as archaeological site. You can visit its peak by walking for 15’ and enjoy a beautiful sunset. Marks of the existence of firstly-minoan tombs and a settlement have been found. The settlement seems to have a connection connections with Egypt.