Red Beach

The Red Beach (pronounced Kokkini Ammos in Greek language) is located 68km southwest of the city of Heraklion and close toMatala  (800m on the south). In order to reach the beach you need to follow the path that starts north of Matala. On the way you will meet some signs showing the way, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. Your path contains a bit of climbing on some rocks and at the ending you have to climb down a steep cliff, but not that difficult. Your way contains 15-25 minutes walking. On the very end you will pass a shepherd’s door (remains closed, otherwise goats use to escape) and then you will face the breathtaking view of Red Beach from above. This place is amazing also during the sunset time! Another option, if you do not want to hike, is catching a boat from Matala harbor (it should take about 5 euros / route and few minutes).

The sheltered beach is absolutely amazing, but is vulnerable to the western winds that usually blow in the region. This beach became famous because of the reddish sand that the ground is. The see has a beautiful turquoise color, creating a picturesque scenery you would love to photograph and memorize. The Red Beach is still on its natural condition, means not well organized, but you can find a stone made coffee shop ( not always open), from where you can buy a refreshment or small food. You can also find a few umbrellas (You need to go early in order to catch one! But in any case, it would be lovely to bring your own mats and umbrellas, because then you can take advantage from the natural shade offered by a couple of tamarisk trees right next to the canteen.

The Red Beach remains one of the favorite destinations ever since the 60's and 70's, when hippies where visiting them. The beach is also nudism- friendly (mostly its northern part). Red beach has been voted as one of the best nudism-friendly beaches all over the world and also it is protected under the international program Natura 2000.